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Essential Instructions on Dzogchen from Yongdzin Rinpoche

Essential Instructions on Dzogchen from Yongdzin Rinpoche

Dear Friends,

We have just returned from a short trip to Kathmandu and are delighted to share the good news that Yongdzin Rinpoche is very well indeed! He urges everyone to practise, and once again stressed the importance of reciting the Tsewang Mönlam every day.

Tsewang Mönlam free download

Tsewang Mönlam printed booklet

Our heartfelt thanks to Largen Lama, Geshe Tenzin Lodrö and Geshe Kalzang Losar for taking such a good care of Rinpoche for us all!

“In Dzogchen, you don’t use thoughts […] Because thoughts make more trouble, thoughts bring more problems, and that is ignorance.

Why? Because if you think, you follow thoughts and that creates something, like negative thoughts for instance. So instead, you have to look at your thoughts. Don’t try to stop them. Don’t follow them, just leave them as they are. If a thought comes, if you leave it, it just disappears; there is no need to go against it or try to stop it. There is no antidote to thoughts. Just leave it as it is.”

Yongdzin Rinpoche, August 2022.


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  1. Martha Daams says:

    Thank you for this great message. What a nice moment to receive your post. Thank you also for this wonderful picture with our beloved master! Wonderful to see his ever smiling friendly face again.

  2. Cece Clover says:

    Thank you thank you for this message. Please give our Beloved Yongdzen my undying love! –

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