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Month: February 2021

Anniversary of Nyamme Sherab Gyaltsen – a Concise Life Story

On the fifth day of the first lunar month according to the Tibetan calendar Bönpos celebrate the anniversary of Nyamme Sherab Gyaltsen (Tib. Mnyam-med Shes-rab rgyal-mtshan, 1356-1415), a reincarnation of an early Bönpo mahasiddha (Tib. grub-thob), Tonggyung Thuchen (Tib. Stong-rgyung mthu-chen).



Послание Йонгдзина Ринпоче Международной Юнгдрунг Бöн Общине, Год Железного Слона, 2021

Сегодня Лосар Железного Слона (или Быка). Я шлю множество таши дэлег всем друзьям и тибетцам, в особенности тем, кто связан с юнгдрунг бöном. Тибетец вы или иностранец, я шлю особые благопожелания всем, кто связан с юнгдрунг бöном.

Yongdzin Rinpoche’s Message to the Worldwide Yungdrung Bön sangha, Iron Elephant Year, 2021

Today is Losar of the Iron Elephant (or Ox). I send many tashi delegs to all friends and Tibetans, especially those connected with Yungdrung Bön. Whether you are Tibetan or a foreigner, I send special tashi delegs to everyone connected with Yungdrung Bön. This year, many things are different. According to Yungdrung Bön history, New Year, Losar, was last month. According to the government, Losar is this month. This is a general celebration, all Tibetans do it this way. Nevertheless, many Tibetan people inside Tibet, Upper and Lower Tibet, Central Tibet, and Western Tibet celebrated Losar one month before. So…
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 Happy New Year of the Iron Elephant!

Dear Friends,             Happy Losar of the Iron Elephant! May she squash all diseases and obstacles and bring you prosperity, sound health, happiness and success in your practice and other endeavours! Very best wishes from us all at FPYB!

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