Foundation for the Preservation of Yungdrung Bön / གཡུང་དྲུང་བོན་ཉར་ཚགས་རིག་མཛོད།

Month: June 2022


迪米特里 · 叶尔马科夫最近在网络会议上发表的《冈仁波齐山在本教中的重要性》已由杨辰翻译成中文版本。令我们感到高兴的是,它引起了本教汉文读者与藏文读者的强烈兴趣以及广泛热议。 Dmitry Ermakov’s recent on-line conference presentation The Importance of Mt. Kailash in the Bön Religion has been translated into Chinese by Chen Yang. And we are delighted that is has already triggered lively interest among Chinese Bönpos and Tibetan Bönpos who read Chinese.

Anniversary of Shardza Trashi Gyaltsen

Today on the 13th lunar day of the 4th month of the Tibetan calendar, Bönpos celebrate the anniversary of the great practitioner and scholar Shardza Trashi Gyaltsen, who attained Rainbow Body in the 20th century. Shardza Trashi Gyaltsen (1859-1934) was a great Bönpo master and erudite scholar from Dagang, Kham, Eastern Tibet. He became a monk at a young age and throughout his life he received countless teachings, instructions and initiations into numerous lineages and traditions of Bönpo Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen from many illustrious masters of the day. At the age of thirty-four he went into solitude at Yungdrung…
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