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Celebrating Seven Years of FPYB

Dear Friends! Today is our 7th anniversary as a registered UK charity, and we’d like to share some of the highlights of this past year with you. Meeting the Masters, Donating Books In February, Carol and Dmitry visited Yongdzin Rinpoche in Triten Norbutse Monastery, Kathmandu and presented him with copies of our recent publications. As ever, it was a very joyful occasion. Thanks to very generous sponsorship, in April we were able to attend the final days of the Menri Drubchen Ceremony at Menri Monastery, Dolanji in India. This was a wonderful event, and as well as meeting friends old…
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Breve biografia di Choza Bönmo

Choza Bönmo (gco bza’ bon mo/co za bon mo) è una importante figura femminile nella narrativa Bön della piu antica religione Tibetana, giocando un ruolo nel conflitto che gli storici Bön descrivono tra Bön e Buddismo. Lei nacque in Dakpo Tsasho (dwags po rtsa shod) nell’ottavo secolo. Il suo nome significa “Signora Bön, figlia del clan Cho”. Suo padre era Gyimbu Lentsha del clan Cho (gco gyim bu lan tsha) e sua madre era Gyamo Kyicham (rgya mo skyid lcam), nota anche come Damocham (bda’ mo lcam). Si dice che mentre era incinta di Choza Bönmo, Damochan ebbe vari sogni…
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On 22nd June 2024 we heard the sad news that Lama Yangtön Tashi Gyaltsen of the Yangtön lineage passed away in Kathamandu. We were fortunate to have met him on our first visit to Nepal in 1996 when we shared many meals and lively debates with him in Triten Norbutse Monastery. Here is a short biography: Lama Yangtön Tashi Gyaltsen was the son of Nyima Tseten. As a young boy he received the genyen[1] vows from Lama Nyima. He received initiations of external, internal and secret divinities according to the system of the ancient masters and completed a traditional three-year…
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Great Bönpo Khandro Choza Bönmo is now included in The Treasury of Lives!

An article on the great Bönpo Khandro Choza Bönmo is now included in The Treasury of Lives, an online biographical encyclopedia of Tibet, Inner Asia and the Himalayan region: The pith instructions of this great yogini who achieved Rainbow Body in 8th century AD can be found in the Heart Essence of the Khandro, Experiential Instructions on Bonpo Dzogchen. This book has recently been translated into Russian and is due to be published there next month. Cover image: Left tsakali: courtesy of Prof. Charles Ramble.Right tskali: a fragment of Yethri Thasel Mogyu thangka by @ Geshe Monlam Wangyal painted for the Heart…
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Connections between Siberian Shamanism, Bön and Taoism

This article is an adaptation of a talk given in Italian on 22nd January, 2023 for Tianwu – Scuola di Medicina Classica Cinese e Arti Taoiste. Thanks to Carol Ermakova for translating it into English.  Topics covered Introduction to the shamanism of Siberia and Central Asia Prehistoric Bön of Eurasia Bön as a multifaceted phenomenon. The word ‘bön’ Etymology of the word ‘bön’ Meaning of the word ‘bön’ Four types of Bönpo religions Prehistoric Bön Yungdrung Bön Doctrines of Yungdrung Bön New Bön Mixed Bön Bө Murgel Bön of the Deer Differences between Bө Murgel and Yungdrung Bön Possible vectors via…
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