Foundation for the Preservation of Yungdrung Bön / གཡུང་དྲུང་བོན་ཉར་ཚགས་རིག་མཛོད།

Integrating with the Natural State

Integrating with the Natural State

“It is very important to integrate with the Natural State as much as you could, to concentrate and keep in your Natural State. Practise Guru Yoga at least once a day, in the morning. It is even better if you can do it several times each day. But at least once a day you should practise Guru Yoga and  remember the Nature. Nature is always with you. It never goes far away. My advice is this: try to concentrate with the Natural State every day. That helps during this life and the next life. It can be helpful until you achieve Buddhahood. It can even help in families so that you don’t quarrel too much. It can help bring peace. This is the best advice.”

Yongdzin Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, Cergy, France, 1999

Trnscr. & Ed. Carol Ermakova & Dmitry Ermakov


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  1. Margit says:

    Thank you Carol and Dima for all your efforts on sharing always such precious things. Appreciation

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