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New Book: Yongdzin Rinpoche’s Instructions on the Healing Mantra of Sipai Gyalmo

New Book: Yongdzin Rinpoche’s Instructions on the Healing Mantra of Sipai Gyalmo

COVID-19 has recently spread rapidly from China all over the world and was today declared a pandemic by WHO. Seventeen years ago, in similar circumstances during the worldwide SARS epidemic, Yongdzin Rinpoche gave detailed instructions on this text. Since many Bönpo practitioners received transmission  for this practice and are reciting the mantra, we thought it would be of benefit to release these teachings now. We discussed this with Yongdzin Rinpoche and he agreed, adding that this is only for people with transmission who are seriously reciting  this mantra of Yeshe Walmo.

This booklet contains Rinpoche’s clear instructions on how to protect yourself and those around you from ‘modern diseases’ by: consecrating water for drinking and washing; making a flag with mantras; making tsa-tsa; using Sipai Gyalmo’s seal; wearing herbal medicine, and making a protective travel thread.

These instructions are complimentary to the sadhana itself. This book does not include translation of the practice and is intended only for those who are seriously engaged in this practice.

It is our sincere wish and prayer that this booklet may contribute to halting the spread of this and other diseases.

ཐ་ཚན་མུ་ཙུག་སྣར་རོ།། Thatsen Mutsug Marro!


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  1. Piotr GUSTA says:

    it is not possibel to order the book. There is a error message. How kan I order the book? Piotr GUSTA

  2. Jacques-Marie Chanson says:

    Teaching received by Chaput Rinpoche

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