Foundation for the Preservation of Yungdrung Bön / གཡུང་དྲུང་བོན་ཉར་ཚགས་རིག་མཛོད།

Swastika Symbology in Bө Murgel and Bön

Swastika Symbology in Bө Murgel and Bön

The swastika has been used as a symbol of good luck, happiness and truth by very diverse cultures in many locations all over the globe since prehistory. Today it can still be seen throughout Asia as a symbol of general good luck. However, this ancient symbol has been much maligned.
This short article seeks to dispel misconceptions surrounding the swastika and explores its symbology in four points:

  • Swastika controversy 
  • Swastika as a solar symbol 
  • Swastika in the Prehistoric Bön of Eurasia and Bө Murgel 
  • Swastika in Yungdrung Bön


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