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དྲན་པ་ཡབ་སྲས་དུས་ཆེན། – Great Celebration of Drenpa Namkha and his twin sons

དྲན་པ་ཡབ་སྲས་དུས་ཆེན། – Great Celebration of Drenpa Namkha and his twin sons

Today, on the 10th day of 6th lunar months, Bönpos all over the world celebrate Drenpa Yabse Duchen – the anniversary of Drenpa Namkha and his twin sons Tsewang Rigdzin and Pema Thongdrol. Tsewang Rigdzin is an emanation of Buddha Sangwa Düpa and Pema Thongdrol is an emanation of siddha Tagla Mebar. According to traditional Bönpo chronology, the boys were born to Drenpa Namkha and his Indian consort Wöden Barma in Zhang Zhung in 888 B.C. Drenpa Namkha and Wöden Barma later separated. Taking the younger twin Pema Thongdrol with her, the mother went to Uddiana while Tsewang Rigdzin stayed with his father in Zhang Zhung. Both twins became great siddhas who accomplished many great deeds. Like their father, they both realised the Rainbow Body of Great Transfer leaving no mortal remains. A detailed account of this inspiring story can be found here @

It is particularly auspicious to do a tsog-offering on this anniversary. FPYB has published two versions of Drenpa Namkha tsog – short and full-length – which you can order if you have transmission.

Those without transmission, you can read a Prayer to Drenpa Namkha and recite his mantra which was published in the Heart Essence of the Khandro pp. 170-182.

We have also made available a free download of the explanation The Meaning of the Long-Life mantra of Tsewang Rigdzin. It is auspicious to practise this today.

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