Foundation for the Preservation of Yungdrung Bön / གཡུང་དྲུང་བོན་ཉར་ཚགས་རིག་མཛོད།

Prayers, Practice and Teachings on the Goddess of Love & Compassion Sherab Jamma (download gratis)

Prayers, Practice and Teachings on the Goddess of Love & Compassion Sherab Jamma (download gratis)

Dear Friends,

Some people have contacted us asking how to practise for peace in this current situation.

In response, we are making this small book with prayers and practice of the Loving Goddess Sherab Jamma freely available. Included are teachings and a detailed explanation of the mantra, given by Yongdzin Rinpoche in 2011, as well as a short prayer to the Loving Goddess, translated by Khenpo Gelek Jinpa and ourselves. The full short practice is included, in both Tibetan and English, at the end of the book.

Yongdzin Rinpoche checking the Prayer to Yumchen Thugje Jamma. Shenten Dargye Ling, 19/09/2015. Photo by Carol Ermakova.

The real cause of all conflicts is Five Poisonous Emotions and fear. As Yongdzin Rinpoche explains:

“You might wonder as to the purpose of reciting this. There are many kinds of enemies, both inner and outer. Inside there is your own ignorance, anger, desire, pride, envy and so on, and these inner enemies create all the outer enemies both visible and invisible;[1] whatever exists. Jamma protects us from all enemies.

When we recite the Refuge prayer, we ask for protection for ourselves but we also include all sentient beings and pray that they may be protected from their emotions; the real enemy is emotion. If an individual person has emotion, then that emotion is poison. We have to pray to be protected from this: from emotions.”

[1] I.e. the humans, animals and other beings of the physical world as well as bad spirits, ghosts, diseases and natural disasters etc.


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