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New Books of Bönpo Thangkas Delivered to British Library

New Books of Bönpo Thangkas Delivered to British Library

Good news for the end of the year! While we were in Triten Norbutse Bönpo Monastery, Kathmandu, earlier this month Yongdzin Rinpoche asked us to organise the delivery of a new two-volume edition of Bönpo thangkas to The British Library in London. The volumes contain 201 thangkas in high resolution as well as an explanation of iconography on each thangka in Tibetan. We are pleased to announce that the books are now safely in the Tibetan Collections, Asian and African Studies, The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London where they can now be consulted by anyone interested. Many thanks to Geshe Samten Tsukphü of Triten Norbutse and Burkhard Quessel, the Lead Curator of Tibetan Collections at British Library for their assistance and collaboration!

Dmitry & Carol with Yongdzin Rinpoche in Triten Norbutse.
Books received by Burkhard Quessel at Tibetan Collections, British Library, London.


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