Foundation for the Preservation of Yungdrung Bön / གཡུང་དྲུང་བོན་ཉར་ཚགས་རིག་མཛོད།

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The Importance of Mt. Kailash in the Bön Religion

Abstract: Being the most important sacred geographical feature of Zhang Zhung and Tibet, Mt. Kailash was venerated by Bönpos of various creeds from times immemorial. In this talk I will firstly give a brief discourse on the four types of Bön religions to set the scene. I will then examine how the Dhami tradition of Humla, Nepal is connected to the Kailash region. The rest of the talk will focus on the role Mt. Kailash plays in Yungdrung Bön teachings and history: the meaning of its name in the Zhang Zhung language; Mt. Kailash and Lake Mapang as la-receptacles of…
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5th International Conference on the Phenomenon of the Holy Mt. Kailash 25-27 March 2022

The aim of this conference is to bring together both traditional and new perspectives of the phenomenon of Mt. Kailash and surrounding sites of pilgrimage, their interpretation and comparison with old scriptures and tantric vision. Dmitry Ermakov of FPYB will represent Bön by giving two presentations: Friday, 25 March 2022 @ 17:40 The Importance of Mt. Kailash in the Bon Religion Saturday, 26 March 2022 @ 11:40 The Magical Duel Between Milarepa and Naro Bönchung: Who Really Won? All are welcome to attend, free of charge. You can register here or via the application form on the conference website…
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5th International Conference on the Phenomenon of the Holy Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash, or Gang Tise, as the Tibetans call it, is one of the world’s holiest mountains. It is revered by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bönpo alike. This conference will bring together experts from all around the globe to discuss why Mt. Kailash and its environs play a central role in these ancient belief systems.

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