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18040th Anniversary of Tönpa Shenrab Miwo’s Birth and Birthday of  Kongtsa Yungdrung Wangden

Tönpa Shenrab – whose original name was Mura Tahen (Tib. Dmu-ra ta-han) – was born on the fifteenth day of the first month of Spring (Tib. me-stag-gi zla-ba) in the country of Olmo Lungring (Tib. ‘Ol-mo lung-ring), the central region of the larger country of Tagzig (Tib. Rtag-gzigs/Stag-gzig). It was in the Wood Male Mouse Year i.e. in 16,017 BC according to traditional Bönpo Chronology (Tib. Bstan-rtsis). So this year marks the 18040th anniversary of the First Deed of Yungdrung Bön’s Buddha Tönpa Shenrab Miwoche (Tib. Ston pa Gshen rab Mi bo che) – the Deed of Birth (Tib. Sku…
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Shense Rinpoche from Buddha Tönpa Shenrab’s family lineage has passed into the Nature of Bön

To all followers of Yungdrung Bön: It is with great sadness that we announce to the faithful that the crown jewel of Yungdrung Bön, Mugyal Shense Norbu Wanggyal Rinpoche has passed into the Nature of Bön today, 7 February 2022. Magyu Ganapuja and other rituals and prayers are being done in Shense Rinpoche’s estate, Murig Shengyi Phodrang. You are invited to do your own practice, recitations and prayers in order to receive blessings of Mugyal Shense Norbu Wanggyal Rinpoche. (Summary) E-MA-HO! KUN-ZANG THUG-TRUL DREN-PA NAM-KHAI KU ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཀུན་བཟང་ཐུགས་སྤྲུལ་དྲན་པ་ནམ་མཁའི་སྐུ། ། How wonderful! You have the Body of Drenpa Namkha, Kuntu Zangpo’s…
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